Saturday, February 17, 2018

An Off With No On Can Sure Dawn!

This post is so cool. So cool that you will drool. The drool may even freeze. May get stuck that way if you sneeze. Hold on, cool is hot? We are so cool then with our hot to trot.

A grand post.
Loved at each coast.
It let's me boast.
Humans I roast.

Not literally though.
That's a no no.
Cannibals aren't in right now.
Maybe next year they'll wow.

Back to great.
So great none can relate.
How do I know?
Because I'm not low.

Nope, I'm off the charts.
Me and my farts.
I'm off so swell.
Let's raise some Hell.

Really confused?
Now I'm amused.
I raised what you can't,
And went off something I was never on at my plant.

Even made me wordy.
Could flip me the birdie.
But that would be mean.
Not really, at my scene.

Because I'm off the charts.
In all your hearts.
Off what charts though?
Do charts even show?

Can I go off what's not there?
Does this mean I have a glitchy lair?
Does it go off your screen?
Bah, who cares, as off the charts is serene.

Even if I never got on.
Off sure did dawn.
Nope, not a con.
For I'm off with no on.

Are the charts small?
Damn it all.
Just go with it with me.
I'm off the charts at my sea.

Can you still see this post? Hmm guess I'm not off any charts at my coast. Maybe they let me back on for today. Are you off the charts at your bay? Which charts would they be? Are you as chart happy as me? At least they aren't pointy like being off the hook. That could stab you at your nook. Charts could give you a paper cut I suppose. Or the screen of death may strike a pose. Bah, enough with my question pass, for I'm an off the charts little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Friday, February 16, 2018

A Never The Case To Embrace!

The cat has done this mile as such things add to the pile. But you never see the reverse. Doesn't that make you curse? They can bring death and disease, but they don't ever give you a lighter tease.

Side effects at play.
So many they say.
They run them down,
Leaving you with a frown.

No more of that.
Trust in the cat.
We've got the one for you.
Take it and you'll be brand new.

Trilopity is it's name.
Curing warts is its claim.
But it can do so much more.
It is the pill of lore.

It burns fat.
Just like that.
What that is,
Isn't our biz.

It renews eye sight.
You'll see in the night.
You'll be as bat eyed as a cat.
Add that to goodbye fat.

Then add on muscles.
Like that guy from Brussels.
Muscles will grow and grow.
You'll join any muscle bound show.

It will increase brain power.
So much Einstein would cower.
You'll cure everything.
Hope eternal shall spring.

It will make all love you.
You'll have a lovey dovey view.
All will bow at your feet.
Even do things that are umm sweet.

Your teeth will re-grow.
How? I don't know.
But grow they will.
Along with your umm thrill.

So grab some Trilopity today.
It is sure the way.
You cure warts and get all of that.
It's only $15,678.89 per pill where you're at.

Don't you want Trilopity now? It can really wow. And no bad side effects for you. Until the crazies all love you. Then you may get shot if you ignore their view. Hey, but they'll love you as they do it to you. Don't you wish such side effects were true? It only takes $15,678.89 to find out for each lad and lass. You can make the checks payable to my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

About Time You Do At Your Zoo!

The cat has to roll his eyes once more as humans use this one at their shore. What they really mean is poor pitiful me. No one is paying attention and I'm getting no glee. But I suppose that is wordy, so they flip that the birdie.

I've come to see.
See little old thee.
How lucky are you?
I know it is true.

What was that?
You're talking to the cat?
I guess he needs attention.
Did you hear what I mention?

I had this and that.
Why still talking to the cat?
Did you hear what I said?
Are you going to bed?

I guess I'll leave.
What's on you're sleeve?
That is a lot of cat hair.
How do you stand it at your lair?

I couldn't do that.
Still talking to the cat?
I guess it's that time.
I'll repeat my leaving chime.

Look at this door.
It is something of lore.
It fits perfectly in.
That sure is a win.

Well I guess I'll go.
I'm leaving, you know.
I'm still standing here.
But I'm leaving, I fear.

Did you ever stand so long?
One's legs need to be strong.
Standing like this is rough.
You need to have the right stuff.

It's about time I head home.
I am done with my roam.
I'm leaving you here.
Wow, is that new gear?

That looks nice.
What was the price?
I'd like to hear it,
As I'm leaving in a bit.

Ever get one of those? They say they are leaving as they strike a pose? Just trying to get attention as they won't take the hint. You'd rather sit by yourself and pick off lint. But oh no, a leaving they will go. A leaving with no leaving coming due. And they say it 50 times over too. They must have breathed in some more funky gas than what comes from my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your winter, smash a printer.