Thursday, December 14, 2017

Attention All With This Call!

I want your attention today. So you better have your eyes glued to my bay. Did you reach for the superglue yet? You better or you'll get shunned by this pet. If you believe that, you may need to pay more attention to the cat.

I'd like to bring this up,
It is well known by a pup.
They strive for it everyday.
All they want is it and to play.

So I'm bringing it to your attention,
With this reminding mention.
I'm drawing your attention to it.
Even if I can't draw worth shit.

But I'm holding your attention.
Is that worth your pension?
You have to pay attention, you know.
And I'm using it a lot at my show.

So stand at attention and pay.
A 2 for 1 with attention today.
Has your attention waned yet?
You'll never grow bored of this pet.

You spring to attention each day,
As a post comes across my bay.
Would that make me the center of attention?
That would land me in detention.

But detention can be fun.
Don't have to snap to attention a ton.
Wouldn't snapping hurt the back?
Unless it is a finger snapping attack.

Can you snap a finger?
Attention can then linger.
Sing a tune and get more attention.
Or it may get you a suspension.

Have I directed your attention here?
Did you see the sign with a peer?
Was the attention of it clear?
Attention to all, the end is near.

Come to attention now.
This last bit will wow.
I've got your attention.
Don't let there be any apprehension.

This could be a great invention.
I really need your attention.
Whoops, something else caught my attention.
I'm sure one day I'll give it a mention.

Did you know attention was so well used? Has your attention been amused? Amused and abused or maybe even confused. Has your attention been infused? I'd like to now draw your attention to the singing bass. He never catches the attention of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Come...No Go...What Do I Know?

The cat has to shrug as you humans go on your way. Especially when heading toward that so called merry day. Not sure merry counts with the flipperoo. But we can pretend so at each zoo.

Christmas is coming.
The cheers you can hear.
Here that cheery drumming?
A parade may be near.

Christmas is soon here.
How is that so?
Wasn't it just last year?
Time moves ahead, you know.

It's too early for it.
I'm so not ready.
Here I sit.
Yet it comes steady.

Yippeee! It's days away.
Soon it's the big day.
Yippeee! Is all I can say.
I'm merry all the way.

Can't wait for it to be done.
It is so much work.
Who needs all this fun?
It sure isn't a perk.

Christmas is over.
Now that is the best.
I'll go relax with rover,
I'm free of that jolly pest.

I can't wait for it.
Only 364 days more.
See my cheery fit?
It needs an encore.

It's so far away.
I wish it would come faster.
Then in the snow we can play,
Instead of putting up plaster.

It's coming so soon.
Half the year is gone.
Don't play that Christmas tune.
I won't fall for its con.

Christmas is coming.
Christmas is going.
Songs are sure strumming,
With my flip flop showing.

So which one is it? You humans sure confuse a bit. Are you glad it is here or afraid that it is near? All this flip flopping can hurt the head. I think I'll just rest in my cat bed. Oh, did it get here faster too? Pffft not unless you time traveled at your zoo. If so, give me the lottery numbers that will come to pass. That will make me a cheery little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

I Know, I Know Comes In A Row!

I know, I know. Know what at my show? I know what is best for each of you. Yep, I know it all at my zoo. I know it is best. It beats all the rest. It is best for each and everyone. It must be done.

Away we go,
With an I know, I know.
I know, I know.
An eye roll show.

This is best.
Has such zest.
I need no proof.
Don't be a goof.

Whelmed is bad.
Drives you mad.
Not in your mind.
But don't be blind.

I know, I know.
Not sure how though.
But I know, I know.
So just do and go.

Food you eat.
Meal or treat.
Eat what I say.
Put it on your tray.

Way you work.
Don't be a jerk.
Way you write.
This is how it takes flight.

I know, I know.
A similar flow.
Because I know best.
Forget all the rest.

You have your own,
Your own phone.
Your own body and feet.
Your own demons to defeat.

But I know, I know.
Because I say so.
Do it my way.
You'll never be led astray.

You have your own life.
You have your own wife.
But you'll eat crow,
If you ignore my I know, I know.

Pfffft to anyone who thinks they know what is right for you. Especially when they have no idea if it is true. Plus they haven't ever even gone through your crap. But oh, I know, I know comes from such a chap. Know any of the I know, I knows? Can find them no matter which way the win blows. Those are the types that I tell to go pound sand in mass. I know, I know, I'm not always a nice little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.